Introduction: Buzzer Wire Game

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The wire buzzer game famous from the TV series of Mr.Bean is widely loved by children of all age groups.We aimed to make it happen to all the children out there.

This easy to make DIY project is composed of easily available materials and low cost tooling.The game can be customized to any difficulty as possible. Its easy to use interface allows user to play the game with ease.


These are the supplies required for this project

  1. Plywood board - 30cm*10cm x2
  2. Plywood board - 45cm*10cmx 1
  3. M8 bolt, nut, washer x2
  4. Steel wire - 2 meter
  5. Electronic buzzer
  6. 9 volt batter
  7. Black/red insulation tape
  8. Thermocol block
  9. Fevicol / sand paper
  10. Double side tape
  11. Masking tape
  12. Sleeve remover

Step 1: Plywood Construction

Cut plywood board to the given dimensions:

30 cm*10 cm x2 - side pillar

45 cm*10 cm x1 - Base plate

Drill hole of M8 6 cm from the top on the side pillar. Do this on both the side pillar.

Attached the side pillars to the base plate making the drilled hole location at the top. Attach the side pillar using small nails . Nails hammered down the side pillar walls through the base plate.

Use fevicol on the base area where the side pillar touches so that the pillar will be more stable.

Optional: Use primer on the constructed plywood and use any paint as required.

Step 2: Setting Up the Components

Make the steel wire in which ever shape as required. Do remember the ends of the wire should be straight for at least 2-3 cm.

Make the handle using thermocol cut into the required form of an handle. Insert the 20 cm metal wire. One side should come out from the lower portion of the handle. This will go and connect to the circuit wire. The upper portion should be made circular in order to fit into the steel wire shape drawn in the above mentioned.

Fasten the steel wire with the bolt on the side pillar. Do this on both the side pillars.

Step 3: Electronics

Make the circuit as shown in the image. For switch, you can use any locally available switch. Connect the wires wither by soldering or using insulation tape. Mount the buzzer using a 2 side tape.Free up the battery connector so you can connect the 9 volt battery with ease.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Connect all the circuit components and the mechanical components as described. Connect the battery, switch ON the switch, try to take the handle bar from left to right without hearing buzz from the buzzer.

You can alter the shape of the steel wire as required to increase or decrease difficulty.

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