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Introduction: Buzzer Wire Game

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This is a simple game where you have to get a loop of wire through a maze of other metal wires. If they touch, a buzzer emits a "buzz"

Step 1: Materials

You will need: a small paper clip, a big paper clip, wire, alligator clips, electrical tape, scissors, wire strippers, box or container, buzzer, 9-volt battery and clip, and a switch. I didn't pay anything as the parts I found in my part box.

Step 2: Bend Paper Clips

Bend the small paper clip into a circle with a tail. Bend the big clip on to a maze of some sort with both ends pointing in the same direction as shown in picture.

Step 3: Alligator Clips

Clamp the tail of the circle into one alligator clip. Then take the other alligator clip (mine was cut in half but one half was good because it had one clip) and clip it in the middle peg of the switch. Then clip the other end of the clip that has the circle onto the right peg. Insulate all the connections with electrical tape.

Step 4: Prep Box

Cut a hole with scissors in the side of the box. Feed the clip with the circle attached so that the circle is out of the box. Cut another hole for the switch and stock that in. Tape it on from inside. Take the maze paper clip and stock it in the top. Tape one end onto the box from the inside.

Step 5: Buzzer and Final Wiring

Tape the buzzer onto the inside of the top of the box next to the un-taped end of the paper clip maze piece. Wrap the negative wire of the buzzer on the paper clip and insulate the connection. Connect the negative end of the battery clip to the alligator clip connected to the middle pin of the switch. Connect the positive end to the positive end of the buzzer. Insulate each connection with electrical tape.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Out the circle onto the maze by lifting out the end not connected to the buzzer. I needed to cut some of the flap so the box would close with the switch. To operate, pug the battery in and flip the switch. When the circle touches the maze it will buzz. Try to get the to other end without it buzzing!

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