Introduction: Buzzing Around for Spring

Create a beautiful Spring garden with bees flying around in motion.

Step 1: Background

Who isn't ready for warm weather? I think we all are. The smell of fresh flowers, the sound of bees buzzing all around brings about the season of Spring. When one of my FCCLA (Family, Careers, and Community Leaders of America) members was sitting in class and was finished with her work she started making these cute little paper flowers as she was thinking of warm weather. She made these out of paper and we went with that idea and used it for the theme and idea for the Paper Contest.

Step 2: Make the Paper Flowers.

Using a protractor cut three circles that are three different circumferences out of different colored card stock paper. We used 2", 1 1/2", and 1". for ours. Then we cut the petals rounding out the edges of each circle. We placed the biggest circle on the bottom and then glued the middle sized one on top turning the petals so they lined up in between the petals underneath. Then we glued the smallest on top again lining it up so the petals are in between the one's beneath. Then for the center we crinkled up tissue paper and glued that to the center of the flowers. We used contrasting colored tissue paper to make it pop. Then we attached pipe cleaners for the stems.

Step 3: Make the Bees.

We used small paper plates and painted them yellow. We then cut out circles that were three inches in diameter. We cut slits in the paper plates and placed the circles inside each other to make the bees 3 dimensional. We then painted every other wing black and attached little antennas also cut out of black paper. We then attached yarn to the top by stringing through a hole we made with a single hole punch.

Step 4: Putting Bees Into Motion

We took apart an old infant mobile. We attached a pretty sunflower in the center over the motor and music box. We took off the existing safari stuffed animals that were originally on the mobile and attached our bees by tying the yarn on each end of the mobile, making two bees total flying around. On the other two ends we glued fiberfill to make clouds.

Step 5: Then Make the Spring Garden.

We took a board from shop class that was 2' thick and two and half feet long. We painted the top wide side green for the grass and all the other sides brown to represent a planter. We then attached two small blocks to each side to make it stand and to be able to attach the mobile. We painted those brown as well. Then we glued on brown construction paper to cover from the top of the board to the table which it sits on to represent the planter and so that you couldn't see straight through. We then attached the flowers to the top board inside the planter with small little nails that we hammered down. We used wood because that is where paper comes from.

Step 6: The Final Product- Buzzing Around for Spring

The Spring Garden.

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