Introduction: Bypassing Xbox One Communication Bans

Ever get reported by people you played against saying you used inappropriate language on xbox before and then couldn't talk to your friends whenever they got on even though you weren't the one saying certain things. Well there is a way now and all you need other than your xbox is a wireless headset and a little bit of time.

Step 1: Create a Gmail Account

First go to Google and search "gmail" then click on the website that says "Gmail - Google". After that click on the button that says "Sign In" which is at the top right corner of the website. Once that is done click on "Create Account" located at the bottom left corner of the screen. This will then bring up a page asking for your first and last name along with the username for your new gmail account. Fill those in and create a password you will remember for a later step in this process. Then confirm the same password again below that. It will then ask for your date of birth and gender. It is your option to put in your phone number and a recovery email. The last thing you must do for this step is agree to their terms.

Step 2: Turn on Your Xbox and Go Over to the Sign in Area

First click on the "Sign In" button at the top left corner of your screen (just look at the photo above to see where that is located). Go over to the profiles and click on "Add New". Then type in your new email address and then it will ask for the password you just used to create this account and type that in next. After Xbox will send you a confirmation code to your new g-mail account. That means you will have to log in to your gmail ignorer to get this confirmation code that they just sent you which may take a moment to receive. Then type that code in on your Xbox to register your new account.

Step 3: Don't Worry About Signing Up With Xbox Live Gold

Skip through all of the things telling you to sign up with xbox live gold because your main account should already be an xbox live gold member because ignorer for you to have gotten banned in the first place you must've had Xbox Live Gold.

Step 4: Now Start an Xbox Live Party

Now start a party with the account that got banned for communications. To do this you must go back to the top left corner of your screen where you signed in at before and go to the left once and there it should say "Start Party". Click that button and it should start your party with your new account's name in it (Yes you can change your new Xbox One account's name but for this you don't have to). Next go to switch accounts and pick the new one you just created and join the same party.

Step 5: Assign Your Wireless Headset to Your New Account

To do this step you must turn on your headset and hold the xbox button down on your controller when the notification pops up at the bottom of your screen saying "Headset Assigned" then assign your headset to your new xbox one profile if it is not already assign to that one.

Step 6: Now Invite Your Friends to the Party and Enjoy

Now you will have to keep doing these same steps everything you get off until your suspension has be lifted. Starting from the step when you start your own Xbox Live Party Chat. But other than that your all set to talk with your friends again over Xbox.