Introduction: C4 & Landmines in Vanilla MC

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So maybe you're at that stage in minecraft where you have more resourses than you know what to do with, or maybe you just want to blow up some zombies - either way there is no more satisfying may to take out mobs than with TNT, so today ill be showing you how to make landmines and C4 in vanila minecraft.

Step 1: The Landmine

So first off there is the landmine; unlike some other landmine designs this one acttually forces the mob to be right on top of the tnt when it explodes rather than just letting it walk right over it.

So start by digging a hole 3 blocks deep, place a tnt block in the hole leaving the space below it empty. Place either sand or gravel above the tnt and a pressure plate on top of the sand.

Step 2: How It Works

If you are familiar with the workings of gravity in Minecraft you will know that when TNT is ignited it will drop into any gap below it, therefore, when when the TNT is ignited by the pressure plate, both it and the sand will drop down a fill the bottom space trapping the mob in the remaining two spaces above it. Hopefully the illustration will help explain.

Step 3: C4

So now to make the C4.

Start by placing as much TNT as you want one block below the ground, then cover it up and use redstone and repeaters to act as a wire leading to your base. Then connect the redstone to a button inside your base. Make sure to place a numbered sign above where you buried the C4 corresponding with one in your base, as shown in pic 3.

Step 4: Testing

Now to test it out! Just wait for a mob or player to get close enough then hit the button!

Well that's it..... You've wasted a load of TNT and redstone and hopefully had some fun in the possess, if you would like to see more tutorials like this one please comment, follow and vote for me in the Minecraft Challenge :-)

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