Introduction: CAP & THOR Old Accessories CAD

Welcome to my project, in this project I made Captain America shield & thors Hummer I made it in approximately month, So I will tell you how to make it in days.

Sorry I couldn't share my work with you because Instructables doesn't support blend extension.😔


- Blender program you can download it from here ( )


Step 1: Thinking & Organization

before you start making your project you must think or meet your team and see what you want to do, Then distribute the roles over your team members, and distribute missions over your team, for me, I am working solo so I choose to do cap & thor old accessories.

Step 2: Learning & Choose Your Program

first, see the suitable Cad program to you & if you don’t know how to use the Cad program you can search for tutorials on google I have some tutorials for blender visit :

⦁( )

Step 3: Modeling

this step is the first step in working after you choose the 3d shape you want to do you must start modeling it, you can use a photo to help, if you want to make thors hummer you can import this photos in blender program

After you import you have to start modeling, you want help ??. ok, use this link.

And if you want to make Cap shield use this link.

Step 4: Revision

after you finish modeling you have to revision it if you see problems you must edit it to make your object perfectly😉👌.

Step 5: Painting and Add Texture

in this step, you want to have an original photo of your cad object to make like the original one for me I will give you a texture for cap shield to help you, and others hummer you must see original photo to make it.

Step 6: Exporting and Rendering

After you finished your work you have to export it and render it do this see this link.

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