Introduction: CARBOARD

In this post you will find an easy toy car tutorial.

The car is powered by a DC 5v electric motor and the materials you'll need are the following:

- elastic rubber bands

- cardboard

- cardboard tube or strong roller paper tubes

- chinese chopsticks

- straw

- toothpicks

- electrical tape

- glue gun and glue tubs

- 2 batteries AA

- DC 5v electric motor


cut a base like the one from the image with the size you most prefer, take in count that it shoudn't be bigger than 15cm for 10 cm because of the weigh

Step 2: WHEELS

cut your tube as large as you want to make your wheels, take in count the proportion of your base. Cut8 circles with the size of the inside of your tube, trace it using the form. Cut it out, poke a hole in the middle big enough for the chinese chopsticks and then glue the circles to the tube like so.

put one of the chopsticks through the hole until the next side and then glue it to the outer circle. Do only one side on each chopstick


to make the big wheels turn you have to make small wheels to connect the motor and the Bwheels with the rubber band elastic.

1- cut 5mm of a glue tube two times

2- heat up the glue gun and make a hole on inside of the cilinder, pierce it with something like a toothpick to take the excess glue out. Righ now you should have a little tube that fits in your motor

3- make one circle with the hot glue gun in a surface like the above where you'l be able to easly take it out. while it stil hot make put the motor on top of it like in the first picture. When the glue it's cold, pop it out, pierce it all the way through and glue it to one side of the empty cilinder

4- make a second circle, this time without a hole and while it's hot glue the other side of the empty cilinder

GOOD JOB, 1st little wheel done

5- repeat the second step but now make the hole big enough to fit on the chopstiks.

6- repeat step three, again, to fit on the chopstiks and on the both side of the cilinder instead of just on


cut your straw to fit it the places that the wheels will go,as shown in the Images.

Now for the first image, you put your chopstick through the straw all the way through the other side and then you can close it gluing the second big wheel. These big wheels are done and you won't be doing anything else to them!

For the back wheels, you put your second chopstick through the first part of the straw and then you stop. Here you put the small wheel and an elastic rubber in the chopstick. Now you can preceed to put the chopstick through the rest of the straw and close it with the last wheel.

Step 5: Motor and Batteries

Glue your smal wheel motor to it, and push the rubber elastic to it like in the image. Place it in the place more conveniant where it won't be touching a big wheel and the elastic rubber won't be touching the cardboard. If necessary you can stack little cardboard squares to make it higher. Glue it in place. Take the jumper wires and attached each ending to one of the endings of the motor, you can use black tape for this.

Chose a good place for your batteries, and instead of just gluing them to the base, make a blue base so you can swich the batteries when their done. To do this you make a glue rectangle and you press the batteries, that should be tapped together, in the glue. Do it for both sides of the bateries. Wait for the glue do get cold and then glue the pieces to the cardboard base.

You can glue you jumper wires to the card board so they won't move around with the car.


Cut the jumper wires to the length you need for it to reach the batteries. Take the plastic tubing around it exposing the coper, only the part that will be touching the bateries. Tape one of them "permanently" by doing it in an horizontal way (not being able to open easly when the batteries are in the place. the other put the tape verticaly and then put the copper in the tape. Now you can tape it up so you have your circuit closed or tape it down and you open the circuit making the car stop!