Introduction: Knex Assault Rifle C.88

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Check out my new Knex Assualt Rifle C.88 V1.2

Sup guys, this is my powerful knex rifle. It shoots a decent 40-50ft with 2 #64 rubber bands. It has a mag but it doesnt load directly into the barrel. You pull the lever and a bullet comes out and you load it in. Its also very durable.

- Good range
- Very durable
- Ammo holder
- Comfy handle =P
- Accuarate sights
- Looks kool

- Side trigger (its worth the gun though)
- Load it through the front of the barrel

I give PARTIAL credit to "knex 3" for part of the gun. I know him and he desinged some of it and I designed some of it to and I made the sights and the ammo holder and the durablility feature which takes up a lot of the insides of the gun. So really it's a two man gun.