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Let's creat a casual leather bag by utilizing the frame.

Step 1: Drawing and Cutting Patterns

1. To sketch
2. Draw patterns on graph paper
3. Select colors (leather, fabric, thread, edge coat)
4. Place the patterns, and cut the leather and the lining.

Step 2: Wrap the Frame With Leather

1. Apply the adhesive to the entire frame.
2. Apply the glue to wrap the frame full leather.
3. Waiting for the adhesive to dry.
4. Thoroughly and put on leather frame

Step 3: Connecting With Rivets Two Frames

1. The side parts of the frame just sew paste wrapped in leather frame.
2. Leaving only a part of the 2~3mm gap stitch, cut the leather.
3. Drill holes in a 3mm punch rivets can be connected to two frames.
4. The riveted connection of two frames.

Step 4: Make a Loop Handle.

1. Prepare four 3cm D-rings to attach the front plate and the back plate ready to leather.
2. Connect the D-rings and leathers as the picture.
3. Finish to the edge coat.

Step 5: Fix That You Created in Step 4

1. Displays a silver pen with a fixed position of the front plate and the back plate made in step 4.
2. Makes it easy to scrape with sandpapers bonding position shown in (1).
3. Apply the adhesive evenly on parts made from parts in step 4 and (2), and dried.
4. Meticulously attached by a roller.
5. Makes the stitching holes with an awl or a griff.
6. Stitching.

Step 6: Let's Put the Lock.

1. Put a lock on the front plate displays the location, attached to the front plate and fixed to the metal.
2. Locking device to connect to the back plate as shown in the picture makes.

Step 7: Connecting the Side and the Bottom Plates.

1. The fixed place to the bottom plate to hold the four metals.
2. The stitching on the sides and the bottom plate after bonding.

Step 8: Making Body

1. After the front and the back plate bonded to each other in part created in step7, and stitching.

Step 9: Creating Lining

1. As the picture makes the leather of 2cm width to prevent the fabric lining yarn unwinding.
2. Bonding allows the lining and outer nested.

Step 10: Create Handles

1. Prepare a rope with a handle core.
2. Then wrapped in leather and stitching the rope.
3. The stitching to secure the handle to the d-ring step5.

Step 11: Create a Key Strap

1. Make a leather strap with 1cm wide.
2. Fold in half, and the stitching in the center.
3. The key to securing a strap made, and re-stitching.
4. Binds to d-ring strap with a key.

Step 12: The Frame and Body Combination

1. Align the center well, and bonding the body and the frame.
2. Stitching

Step 13: Completion!

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