Introduction: CAVAPS : 8 Channels Regulator/program/recorder

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Composites Advanced VAcuum Pump System

At the begining, I was looking for a vacuum pump regulator to bypass the controlled leak solution and to reduce pump running time.

But "who can do big can do small" or more what we can need ;-)

So with this regulator, in fact, we can, in the same time :

- regulate vacuum pump

- regulate heater

- make steps program

- record measurement

And this on 8 independant channels measurement inputs.

More other, channels can be synchronised...

Arduino Mega Shield

Based on an Arduino Mega2560 board, a specific shield allow to directly connect the inputs probes, the output power, and includes a RTC/SD card.

Channel input type and capability

8 individual inputs as :

- K Type thermocouple (using MAX6675)

- DS18B20 temperature sensor

- 4 embended MPXV4115V pressure sensor

- any analog sensor ranging 0-5V

Channel output and regulation mode

8 output available as on/off (for relay or triac) or as PWM.

Regulator as hysteresis or PID, in normal or reversed.

Steps programm, channels synchronisation

Each channel can run as :

- continuous on (no regulation)

- continuous target (regulation on a fixed value)

- perform a maximum off 20 steps with defined time and target value and with be possibility to calculate automatically target ramps

SD Recorder

The 8 inputs can be recorded at a fixed interval time on a micro SD card

Multi thread

All channel run in a "multi threading" mode, means that display or setup a channel will not stop other functions.

Step 1:

The shield

Double face board that allow :

- to connect 8 inputs

- to include 4 MPXV4115V sensor

- to include a RTD/SD CARD board

- to connect 8 outputs

Step 2: The Board Ready to Drive a Vacuum Pump

Board ready to run with :

  • a relay output
  • a 4x20 lcd display
  • a rotary coder to setup and use the system
  • a RTC & SD Card
  • a MPXV4115V sensor
  • a 12VDC power

Step 3: Direct Application : Vacuum Pump Regulator With Electrovalves and 2 Accumulators Bottles

Using 2 bottles (truck brake), a confortable vacuum system to make composits ...