CCFL Monitor to LED!!!

Introduction: CCFL Monitor to LED!!!

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Hello ! this is my first instructable !! you can say my HELLO WORLD inctructable so be nice i will do my best to show you my work.

My main problem was my monitor that i use for my bench (computer repair bench) . It was an old one and about 10 years old, Philips 170c model .

The problem with the monitor was easy to understand . My back ligth goes off after 3 sec and that's because the one of the "starters" for the CCFL lamp fails.

Before continue the reading i have to warn you that CCFL monitors are VERY DANGERUS !!!!!! HIGH VOLTAGE CIRCUIT !!!

So if you are just a hobbist , take a big care! Don't touch capacitors and never expose the HV part of the board if you haven't unplug the power for at least 5 minites!

I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY IF YOU GET SHOCKED OR KILLED ... so please watch out to not hurt your self . :-)

First of all .. take apart your monitor and remove the TFT panel .. Take big care because it's very fragile.

Step 1: Reflectors

Take of your CCFL reflectors/holders from each side and fit the led stripe inside.

Step 2: Solder !

Now you can solder cables on the led stripe , you can use new or you can use the same cables after removing the from the lamps . I have to say that my stripe used about 250mA at 12V for two connected in parallel you get 500mA so don't use ultrathin calbles because they will get hot and waste energy .

Step 3: Power Board Work

Here you have to remove the HV transformers to create space for your little board.

I used the connector from the board (only one needed ) WATCH out for the POLARITY.

Also you can add N type ( or P type ) mosfet for PWM dimming. In my case i used Ntype from an old motherboard .


Put back everything together and test before the complite assembly . Everything worked just fine ! 1/3 of the energy needed for the monitor to work ! realy nice for me because I'm offgrid !!! .. (just an other instructable... ..... oh god)

Step 5: THE END

The final result is wonderfull !! My monitor is brigther than before ! and with better view angle.

The only problem is that the leds take voltage form an non stop enegry source . so even when you turn off the ,monitor the leds still working . But who cares.. i close the monitor with a switch plug .

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    7 years ago

    Hi lambrosz and welcome to our community. A friend had exactly the same problem on his samsung monitor. I have a few questions: how diffused is the light because in the last picture you can see the spots of the leds, do you only see them in the picture, or in real live too?, how do you control the brightness of the leds, over the controller board of the monitor? and why it doesn't turn of with the monitor? could you add a few more pictures? Seeing forward to heare from you



    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    now im going to repair and a samsung monitor with the same problem

    know.. not every monitor is compatible with simple pwm .. in my case it
    was compatible but i have a samsung monitor also that has diferent setup
    . So i will inform you realy soon (perhaps today :-))


    Reply 1 year ago

    How soon is soon?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Whoa! Impressive work. Thanks for sharing this!