Introduction: CCTV Feed Controller—Raspberry Pi

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Hi everyone, welcome to another Instructable by Scientify Inc.!

Aim: To use the raspberry pi camera as a CCTV camera which records only when motion is detected.

Imagine a scenario wherein something gets stolen from your house. With a normal security camera set up at your door, you'd have to go through hours of footage to get to the time when someone entered your house. Meanwhile, the thief could be using this precious time to cover his tracks and escape. However, with this program in place, you’d be able to easily access points where movement happened at your front door, making the process more efficient. Not only does it make reviewing feed easier, but is also easy and inexpensive to implement since it is very lightweight. It can easily be run on a raspberry pi.

The program runs repeatedly and when ended, it shows the date and time of the recordings in a tabular form, using a CSV file of the format:

S.No. | File Name | Start Time | Date

Without further ado, let's get to the project!


  1. Raspberry Pi 3b+/4b+
  2. Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2
  3. Power supply for Raspberry Pi
  4. HDMI/Micro-HDMI cable or VNC Server Installed on Raspberry Pi

Step 1: Physical Connections and Raspberry Pi Setup

It's simple! Just grab your Camera Module and connect it to the Raspberry Pi's Camera Port.

Here's what I used for the project: a Raspberry Pi 4B+ with Raspbian and the required libraries (as declared in the program) installed.

Step 2: Program

Run the attached program in Thonny or any other text editor on your Raspberry Pi.

Step 3: Output

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