Introduction: CD 70 Motorcycle Generator Winding by Hand Guide

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Note: This guide applies to old point type generator bikes not CDI bikes.

I got new winding for my CD 70 Generator yesterday, I closely observed the method and want to share with you. The process is simple and anyone with bit of patience can do it by himself if support is not available.

Open the Generator from the side as marked on by the arrow to expose generator winding.

Step 1: Remove the Generator Winding Coil

Unscrew the top and bottom screw to remove the coil which needs to be rewind.

Step 2: Start the Winding Process

Items required

  1. 23 Aug copper wire (insulated) like the one used to wind transformers.
  2. Weight of the wire should be 100 grams.
  3. Paper tape of hard chart sheet which can tolerate high temperatures. (Don't use plastic tapes as they will melt under heat.)
  4. File or wire cutter
  5. Elfi or another high temperature adhesive.

Well to start with you need to remove the existing winding by cutting it, you can torture the winding by hammer and screw driver as long as you dont put dent on the underlying plates/core.

After removing the winding, precisely apply a paper tape (3 to 4 layers) or a thick chart on the core.

Remember to mark the positions of wires attaching the body of motorcycle.

Polarity matters. Also note rotation angle of winding i.e. clockwise or anti clockwise. Depending upon the way you hold the core. Before pealing off the winding note these details.

Once the paper tape is applied, stretch the wire about 3 to 4 meters in length and use a cloth, to remove any curls in the wire. This can be done by holding the wire in middle of cloth and stretching it strongly, don't stretch so much as to reduce diameter of wire.

Now start curling the 23 AWG copper wire across the length of core as close as possible, be patient and apply few drops of adhesive on the wire to fill any gaps between the turns. once you reach one end of the core start turning the other way, continue to apply adhesive on the edges to prevent unwinding of the wire.

When all 100grams of wire has been applied make a knot in the wire or apply some extra adhesive to avoid un-turning. DONE

Now peal off the insulation layer from both edges of the wire to see the inner shining copper conductor. Attach these wires to the body of generator. Note: keep 3 to 4 inches of wire on both edges for easy installation after turning.