Introduction: CD-Lamp

About: Hello! I'm an artist and product designer that enjoys everything about technology.*

Give those old cd's a second life!

Design made by Citlali Hernández and Andrés Costa for our E-Waste Workshops at Barcelona.

Give us credit, and share us your makes!

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- 4mm MDF or Plywood

- 10 old Cd's

- Socket

- RGB Light Bulb

- Black electric wire

- Your favourite electrical plug

Step 1: CD Cutting

Use a band saw to cut your 10 cd's in half pieces.

Step 2: Laser Cutting

Download this DXF file, and laser Cut these two pieces using 4 or 5 Mm MDF, Plywood or Plexiglass.*

Step 3: CD Assembly

Start by putting 3 or 4 cds between the two laser cut pieces.

The joints have a 1Mm. width, so the cd's fit by pressure.

Step 4: Socket

Add the light bulb socket.

We considered a 30.5 MM. diameter socket, so it can be placed also press-fit mode.*

You can customize this circle diameter in the DXF file, according to the socket you find.

Step 5: Wiring

Connect the wire with the socket and the electric plug.

Step 6: Light Bulb

Add your light bulb.

We used an RGB light bulb that can be controlled with an IR remote control.

And now you are ready to enjoy!

Step 7: ENJOY!

Hang your lamp and enjoy !

Step 8: Share to Us Your Makes!