Introduction: CD Paper Napkin Holder

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Now a days CD's have become almost Obsolete !
Nobody uses this storage device due to technological up-gradation
So We have lots of old scrap unused CD's

Just for a fun made Table Paper Napkin Holder from the CD

1) Took old CD and marked 2 parallel lines parallel to the center line with a 1/2 inch distance on each side
     This is base distance of paper holder stand (snap-2)
2) Now one mark line is heated along the line on a candle light flame ( you can use any spot heater)
    you have to be very careful so that CD should not catch fire (Keep water bucket nearer)
3) Once this line is heated equally along it's length bend it along the line on Tables edge around 110 degrees
    wearing Hand gloves ( After1 side bending it will look like snap-3)
4) Now similarly heat and bend it the 2 line side (The Top gap between bended side is around 4 mm) seen in snap-4
5) Now just insert the paper napkins sidewise seen in snap-5. This will keep the napkins intact


* Kids Do it under elder person supervision
* Wear Hand gloves
* Keep water bucket and Fire extinguisher near by
* Be Extremely careful and always  'SAFETY FIRST' in the entire process

You will enjoy as much as I enjoyed doing this project,
It hardly takes 30 min with zero cost !