Introduction: CD-RWs to Discover New Things!

About: I have many different interests, and one of them is building, fixing, bossing others around and travelling. Here are some things that I have done.

This instructable comes as a solution and somewhat happy medium between plenty of variables.

- I drive around for work, and I'm tired of listening to the same songs and boring benign chatter of some talk shows.

- I really want to build an in car computer such as this one, but I don't own the car, I don't have the money or the time, etc...

- I could add an auxiliary cable to the car, but it is winter in Canada (-10C to -20C at the moment), and I don't have a heated garage to tinker around in...

- I like building things, tinkering, and finding solutions to my problems, and I also like the environment, therefore making things reusable (hence the RW CDs) so this is my solution for all of these!


A bunch of CD-RWs (Re-Writable) - rough cost $20 Cdn for a pack of 10.


A CD-RW burner

A sharpie


Find what it is that you want to discover, and be realistic about the time you want to invest on each thing.

My solution was to make 3 separate CDs, one for new music (because the radio is too limited), one for language lessons (I took Arabic in university, and it has been neglected), and one for audio books. (As in the picture).

I did this so I wouldn't be stuck learning or discovering one new thing, but also so I wouldn't have to go exploring through my menus and folders as I'm driving around.


I haven't done it yet, but there is one thing you want to make sure of:

The length of the file (*.mp3) titles must be a certain length in order to fit in the display. The more pertinent information should be at the front, and the rest further back so that it makes the track selection easier. This makes things a lot better when you are looking for the following lesson or chapter.

This allows you to avoid waiting for the title to scroll through until the relevant chapter or lesson name:

You avoid things like (picture 2): The Biography of Such N Such - Chapter 1 - How I survived a donkey attack. (The essential part being the donkey attack chapter title)

I hope this helps! Have a good one, and happy learning!