CD Shelve

Introduction: CD Shelve

This CD system can be used in different ways. The creator has his freedom to choose the position of the six pieces of wood with a slit every 25 cm. The longest piece of wood is the one that gets attached to the wall. When this one is detached to the wall, you can build the rest around it.

To build this conctrustion you will need a piece of wood which is 37 cm wide and 150 cm tall. The thickness of the wood is 13 cm.

The file is an Illustrator file. The thickness of the cuttingline does not matter, so does the color.

when you have a different thickness in wood you have to change the slits to this number.

Always check wich fraze you choose when you CNC the file. It depends on the type of wood you use.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    It would be nice to see the project in progress....and what it looks like finished.