Introduction: CD Spinner for Kids

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Hi friends today we will see how to make a Attractive CD spinner for our Kids.

This can be done with simple items which is already in our home

Step 1: Items Needed

1, Glue Gun

2, Waste CD

3, Two Bottle Cap

4, Iron Washer

5, 2 inch Nail

Step 2: Attach Iron Washer and Bottle Caps

1, Attach the Iron washer at center of CD with the help of Glue gun

2, Attach one bottle cap at one side of CD with Glue gun

3, Attach another bottle cap at other side of CD with Glue Gun

Step 3: Make Hole for Nail

1, With the Help of Nail just put an Hole at the middle of both bottle caps as shown in the Picture.

2, Insert the nail at the center of bottle caps, the sharp edge of nail for 6mm should be visible at one end of bottle cap as shows in picture.

3, cut the other end of nail which is in excess and apply glue so that it wont hurt our hands.

Step 4: Draw a Pattern

Draw a spiral pattern with Black marker or black paint. as shown above.

Thats it we are done.

Spin and Enjoy friends

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