Introduction: CD Cable Drum

Have a lot of scrambled wires and cables laying around? don't know what to do with your cake CD case and skrached up discs? want some order? make a cable drum from discs and a toilet paper roll.

Step 1: Materials

this is what you need :
1. discs (CD's, DVD's whatever)
2. toilet paper roll (can be done with any pipe-like thing)
3. super/crazy/epoxy glue
4. cutting tool
5. some wire
6. (optional) cake CD case

Step 2: Assembly

1. mark the cutting line on the roll
2. cut the roll
3. glue the roll to the discs
i suggest you allign the discs with a cake disc case
4. make a little hole in the roll to fit the end of the wire
5. fit the end of the wire into the hole in the roll (you can secure it with some glue)
6. roll the wire around the roll

Step 3: Display

i chose to display my cable drums in a cake CD case, but you can build some other display case or device.

Step 4: Thanks for the Suggestions

thanks for all your suggestions you gave me - i decided to use one of them, i put some feed holes for the cables

can be done with drill, dremel, cutting tool or even a pair os pointy scisors

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