Introduction: CD Cases Can Be A-mazing

Help Little Lady find her way to her mother. She got lost in the forest and needs your help to find her mother. Can you help her?

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

All you need is:

     pencil (or pen)
     red construction paper
     super glue (or glue)
     old CD case

Step 2: TREES

Get the green tissue paper and rip a small section about 2 inches by 2 inches. Then crumple the tissue paper so that it is long and circular. Make about fifty of them. If you need more trees just make more. 


Get the red construction paper and cut out two ladybug shapes. One should be bigger than the other. The bigger one is the mother and the smaller one is the child.

Step 4: CD CASE:

Get the CD case and take out whatever is on the inside so that nothing is inside it. Only the clear plastic should be on there. I had to take out the CD holder.You might need to take out other things. Get the super glue and glue the trees in the case to make it look like a maze. make sure the child ladybug can move around freely. If not , enlarge the space. Once you are done with that super glue the  mother ladybug to the end of the maze, where the child ladybug will have to go to find her mother.

Step 5: How to Play

Tilt the case to help the baby ladybug move through the maze of trees to find its mother.

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