Introduction: CFL Warming Shade

This Instructable shows you how to make a lampshade that will not only warm the light from a fluorescent bulb but also provides an aesthetic of porcelain. This shade can be used on its own or with your existing shades and is ridiculously easy to make, all you need is a white plastic bottle (usually HDPE bottles used for milkshakes such as Yazoo and Frijj.

This is another design that forms part of my final year Product Design Degree project based on democratising design so lets see what variations can be made and then send them to me to be displayed at my grad show in London! More details at my Blog Design Democracy

Step 1: Parts and Materials

For this product you will simply need a white HDPE bottle and a sharp kinfe

Step 2: Wash & Cut

Wash out your bottle and remove any stickers and labels then cut the top off the bottle, I used a Yazoo bottle and cut just below the bulge on the neck.

Step 3: Attach Top to Bulb Holder

Take the now separated bottle top, turn it upside down and push it over the threaded area on a pendant bulb holder, tighten the bulb holder cap back on and attach your bulb.

Step 4: Push Bottle Over Bulb to Finish

Take the bottom of the cut bottle and push it over the ballast of the CFL and onto the top part of the bottle. Make sure that the bottle is fully dry first! That's it! Job done!
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