Introduction: CFL to LED Bulbs When to Switch

Switching from Incandescent to CFL is a no brainer but from CFL to LED is a bit of a trap for most consumers. What is the maximum price you should pay for an LED light bulb to save on total cost?

I recommend to not pay more than $4 per bulb or else you will end up paying more in total costs than staying with a CFL. Of course, the cheaper you can find it the better.

Here's a somewhat reasonable price from TCP 60W equivalent LED light bulb 6-pack in soft white: (Don't buy it if it's more than $24, I trust the 10,000 rated hours reported by Philips more than the 20,000 hours reported by TCP)

What's even better is if you can find deals for a 6 or 12 pack of non-dimmable 60W equivalent LED for $2.50 or less each.