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This a whole new idea of using newspaper to create realistic wreath just like the artificial ones that you get in market and to be honest I enjoyed making this Christmas wreath and if you're looking for a fun activity give it a try you'll love it ?
It was worth spending every second on it as it turned out beautiful Also I think nobody has come up with this kinda idea so do give it a try and if you do Don't forget to share it with me

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PS: All the steps are mentioned below but If you find anything difficult to understand, Watch the video for demo

Step 1: Twist Newspaper Strands

- Pick a newspaper sheet and twist so like shown in image, you can watch video above for reference.

- Repeat the step and make more such twisted strands.

Step 2: Twist the Strands Around One Strand

- Now twist one strand around another watch the video for reference it will be helpful.

- Also keep securing it with masking tape.
* TIP: Use masking tape so that it can be colored later.

Step 3: Paint the Wreath Brown-black

- This is where it transforms from scrap to fab.
- Paint it as realistic as possible, and the loop for wreath is ready.

Step 4: Make Decorative Ornaments

Make flowers or if not into making you can buy flowers.

I made paper flowers, creeper leaves, bells big leaves etc
You can watch the video I have explained how to make the paper flower and everything I just mentioned above.

Step 5: Attach All Decorative Ornaments

Last step is to attach all decorative pieces on the loop
I used double sided tape for this, you can use glue gun also, fevicol/ pva glue might not be able to hold it all together.


This wreath is made out of newspaper so If you want to reuse it take good care of it and by that I mean just keep it safely in a cupboard till next christmas
I hope you like this christmas craft, paper wreath from newspaper
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