Introduction: CIRCUIT BENT Fun FURBY 2005 by BMc of California

About: bMc, an electronic tinkerer (circuit bending bent)teacher, author, and creator of Unique Modified Whacked Musical Instruments and synthesizers. Avid Drummer and synth modder

This little 2005 Furby Doll emulates Speech and Audio from any source. HE or she, spits out the glitched circuit bent audio with animated mechanical antics.

Step 1: Purchase a NEW 2005 Furby--choice of FUR and Eyes

Step 2: Carefully Cut Off All Fur and Strapping Plastic That Holds Fur on the Furby.

I will add photos and a Video to "YOU soon---sorry"

Step 3: Find the Black Blob IC Chip, Located on the Right Upper Side of the Beast.

Step 4: Clip Various Connection to Modify the Resistance Level to the Processor Voice Chip.

Step 5: Add 1.5 Meg or Higher Potentiometers to the Clipped Components.

Step 6: Add Metal Body Contacts, Soldered From the Black Blob Tracing Spots.

Step 7: Add Pots and Switches to the Mechanical Circuit Board IC Pattern.

Step 8: Add a 1/4" Jack for Amplification.

Step 9: Add Photo Cells for Laser Activated Glitching and Voice Emulation.