If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to pull your hair back and
want to avoid that funky crease in the middle of your hair, then braiding it is the way to go! With long hair I prefer a braid instead of a traditional ponytail because it is less damaging to your hair. I will be demonstrating how to quickly pull your hair back from your face and braid it.


Hair Comb and hair tie

Step 1:

Begin this process by sectioning the hair into three equal parts.
Taking a comb brush the strands free from tangles. To make this process easier put in a hair tie at the nape of the neck and section the hair into three equal parts, then comb the strains free from tangles; although, the hair tie makes it easier it is not required to start the braid.

Step 2:

Holding all three strains start the braid by taking the left strand and
cross it over the middle one. Pulling it tightly, notice that there is a new middle section of hair. Adjust the strands of hair so they are gripped securely; If the hair becomes messy use the comb to brush the strands of hair free from tangles.

Step 3:

Grasping the right strand cross it over the new middle strand; again,
take notice how there is now a new middle strand of hair. Comb the hair free of tangles if needed

Step 4:

Take the left strand and once again cross it over the middle strand;
continue this process until the braid has come to the end of the hair. Sometimes the braid will not make it all the way through the hair.

Step 5:

Finally, take a hair tie and wrap it around the end of the braid to
tightly secure it. The braid is now complete.