Introduction: CLEOPATRA Halloween Costume Tutorial

Cleopatra Halloween makeup and costume tutorial

Step 1: Costume

First of all, I take an old top shirt and paint it with acrylic paints. (sorry for the spelling mistake on the photo)

Then I take an another one (top shirt) and cut it pieces (belt)

Then I start painting with golden acrylic paint. I do Golden eye of Horus and other shapes.


I also did 3D printed accessories, and painted them with golden spray paint.

3D print links below:






Then I did decoration with beads.

Step 2: Makeup

I apply BB-foundation to my face.

Then powder.

I use medium brown eye shadow to my cheeks and forehead to make some shadows.

Step 3: Makeup Part 2.

I used medium brown eye shadow to my nose (shadows)


I apply blusher.

Step 4: Makeup Part 3, Eyes.

First I use white eye shadow to make some lights

Then I use beige eye shadow (to make good base)


I do eye lines with black eye pencil.


You can see how I did my eye makeup (watch photo or video)


Step 5: Makeup Part 4, Brows

I did my brows with black eye shadow and I filled that eye makeup with white pencil

Step 6: Makeup Part 5

I apply some mascara and put false lashes on

Step 7: Makeup Part 6. Lips

I apply lipstick and golden eye shadow to my lips.

Step 8: Hair and Accessories

I put wig and accessories on.

Step 9: Complete Look

Here is everything you need. I used Eye of Horus, peacock feather and Isis-Goddess tattoo.

Step 10: Thanks..

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