Introduction: CN Tower

Step 1: What You Need

Masking tape
Large sheets of paper
White thin tape
Tooth picks

Step 2: The Stem

Spin the paper into a funnel and put masking tape on the length down the funnel

Step 3: The Base of the Spinner

Cut a circle out of cardboard slightly smaller then the back of the clocks the cut a circle in the center of the cardboard pieces slightly bigger then the top of the stem

Step 4: See If It Fits

If not make a change it's okay if the cardboard slide down a little

Step 5: The Center

Put the cardboard circle in between the two clock backs and put tape around it sealing it

Step 6: Setting of the Top

Put a square of masking tape around the top of the stem

Step 7: The Full Spiner

Make another cardboard circle and place it on the masking tape square

Step 8: Small Funnel

Same as step two just smaller

Step 9: The Very Top

Place two tooth picks in an X shape in the smaller funnel

Step 10: Sliding It In

Slid the small funnel into the big so it sits on the tooth picks

Step 11: Good Job

Your a beaut