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Introduction: CNC Camera Mount

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Hello and warm welcome to all instructables community. So, this is my 11th instructables. I called it CNC Camera mount. I hope you guys also like this project. If you like my project than don’t forget to like and vote.

After making my own CNC the problem occurs that how I record my project along the machining and get closeup shots, then this idea came in my mind to make my own camera or cellphone mount for my CNC which can record my complete project without any difficulty and with closeup shots also.

Step 1: Tools and Material

Tools Needed

1. CNC router

2. Drill machine

3. Drill bits

4. Sand paper

5. Paint brush

Material Needed

1. Scarp piece of wood. (3/4” thick minimum)

2. Scrap piece of ply. (1/2” thick)

3. 3 M6 nuts and bolts.

4. CA glue.

5. Paint.

6. Double sided foam tape.

7. Piece of cloth.

Step 2: Design

Here I uploaded CAD file. The dimension used in my design is according to my needs. There might be a chance that the gears you are using in your CNC don’t have same specification. But you can change the dimensions according to your need. I think you have to use those drawings for reference purpose. I also posted a 3D design which you can use that for reference.

Step 3: Machining

After cutting all the parts it’s time to make it ready for assembling. For that I used fasteners M6 nuts and Alen screws. The part I used for mounting the mobile is little too tight for it that why I cut down that piece. After cutting that portion it’s easy to slide the phone into the mount. To make it more comfortable for mobile I stick double sided foam tape and piece of cloth. At the bottom of the holder I drilled a hole of 10mm diameter having depth equals to the thickness of the M6 nut. Then I press fit this and pour some two-part epoxy around that. That make it difficult to pull out.

Next thing I do is inserting a bolt at the bottom of the middle arm. I followed the same procedure as I do with the mobile mounting assembly. Images clear you more accurately about this procedure. After inserting the screw in the arm, I jammed it with the ca glue. After that I cut the alen screw cap So that I can connect it with my mounting assembly or with the camera.

In the overall project I forget to click any picture regarding the knob, But it's an easy task.The 3d sketchup file illustrate you well.

Step 4: Main Structure

This is the main part of this assembly, which connects everything with the router and makes the camera movable. In this portion, I drill two holes one in the portion where I have to insert the middle arm and another in the circular portion of the router holder.The one in which movable arm is inserted is used for tightening purpose. As the knob turns it start to contract and prevent the arm from moving downward direction.The other hole is used for connecting two half's around the router. In both of the holes I insert M6 nut in the other half portion so that there is a permanent thread in that part. Before that I tried without that nut but the threads failed so I do this thing. Images clears you all.

Step 5: Painting and Assembly

After making everything its time to make it more attractive but before that I make a test by mounting this thing on my cnc. I surprised with the outcomes, its looks very sturdy. Then I sanded everything and paint it in blue color. It’s my all-time favorite. After that I assemble everything and make a test run. The end result is in fronts of you.

Step 6: Conclusion

Although I am very happy with the final design but it still needs many improvement. Now my aim is to make it universal camera mount so that it fits perfectly with every router and every cellphone and cameras. For that keep in touch with us. If you like our project than don’t forget to vote, like and Share.

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