Introduction: CNC Christmas Ornament

This is my first instructable, so it is very simple just to see how things work. I have a big pine on the backyard so I decided to make some christmas ornaments with my self made CNC router. I have a lot melamine white panel scrap pieces so this is the choosen material.

You need:

  • Pieces of melamine white panel
  • 1" V-groove bit
  • 1/4" straight plunge bit
  • Eye screws
  • CNC router
  • Some CAM software

Step 1: Open the .dxf File

The .dxf file is for a 480 x 400 mm panel piece, this let you cut 20 ornaments, you can modify it to accommodate to your router or the scrap pieces you have. If you modify this file you must remember to keep the paterns centered on the piece, this is very importan in order to carve both sides of the panel.
Start with the snow flake patern, with your CAM software select a 1" v-groove bit to carve the snow flakes and forget the circles in this first step. Then open the star patern and use the same 1" v-grove bit to carve the stars and a 1/4" straigth plunge bit to cut the circles.

Step 2: Carving the Ornaments

I use this fixture in the first photo to register the position of the panel. On one side of the panel, with the 1" v-groove bit carve all the snow flakes, when this step is ready, without moving the register fixture flip over the panel along the large side and carve the stars with the same bit, then, change to the 1/4" straight bit and cut the circles. Remember to flip the piece only along one axis, this is important in order to have both paterns aligned.

Step 3: Hanging the Ornaments

Now I recommend to use some eye screws to hang the ornaments or if you want just a hole through and a piece of red string or ribbon. And you are ready, as simple as it is. You may have noticed that here, in the south hemisphere we don't have a white christmas.

Update: New photo using the ornaments on bamboo sticks.