Introduction: CNC Clamps 2mm (0.08 Inch) to 18mm (0.7 Inch)

Clamps for holding down your workpiece on a cnc router. The
clamps are designed for holding down materials with a thickness of 2mm to 18 mm.

I designed the clamp using Fusion 360.

There are 4 different sizes for the bolt that goes through, M5, M6 or 1/4 inch and for a special request M8 (The M8 version is not tested but should work though the sliding distance is a lot shorter).

Best is to use a washer on top.

The actual foot to hold your workpiece can rotate to adjust to the thickness of your material.

This clamp can be used on a wasteboard like this: or on v-slots with an added drop in t-nut.


1 bolt per clamp M5, M6 or 1/4 inch also the lenght is depending on your wasteboard.
1 washer per clamp

In case of v-slots 1 drop in t-nut per clamp

Step 1: Printing the Clamp

Print the clamp on its side. Do not use support !!

Print with PETG

Use 0.15mm resolution.
Use 4 Perimeters for strenght.
Make sure your printer is setup well. The foot of the clamp can rotate and there is not much clearence between the parts.

Step 2: You Are Ready to Clamp Down Some Materials.

Have fun making !!

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