Introduction: CNC Egg Shell Engraving

This is a CNC egg shell hollow out engraving procedure.

Step 1: ​​Prepare a Pic

Get a image from the net or create your own image.

Step 2: Compress the Height of the Pic to About 77% of Original

The aim is to compensate the image distortion from flat surface to curve surface.

Step 3: Sort Out the Sharp Corners From the Image

As egg shell is very brittle, need to cut away the sharp corners at the beginning.

Step 4: Sort Out the Protruded Portions of the Image

Protruded portions will be broken easily. Need also to route the profile of the protruded portions at the beginning.

Step 5: Construct Some Straight Lines

The aim is to break the cut away egg shell portions into small pieces.

Step 6: Prepare He Final Profile of the Image

Prepare he final profile of the image as for final profile cutting.

Step 7: Prepare the G-code

Prepare the G-codes from each image. Use Inkscape, ArtCam or else.
And merge the G-codes into a single G-code file.

Step 8: Egg Shell Engraving

Do the egg shell engraving by a CNC egg shell engraving machine.

Step 9: Cleaning

Clean the egg shell by bleaching solution.