Introduction: CNC Machine With Camera and LED Backlight

Bill of material:

Electronic parts:

1pcs Power Supply 24V 15A 360W 25,68€

1pcs 5Axis CNC Interface Adapter Breakout Board For Stepper Motor Driver 8,14€

3pcs TB6600 steper motor driver controller 23,72€

3pcs Stepper motor 1,8° 86,01€/set

1pcs Emergency Stop Push Button Switch AC 660v 10A 4,64€

1pcs wireless black controller gaming USB receiver adapter for xbox 360 6,12€

1pcs HD 720p Brand USB endoscope borescope snake scope wire camera 14,59€

2pcs 72 led flexible strip led 30cm 9€

1pcs mini wireless RF LED controller for led strip light 2,13€

The total price of the electronic part 180€ (205 USD)

Mechanical parts:

2pcs SBR16-300mm rails

2pcs SBR 16-600mm rails

2pcs SBR 16 -1000 mm rails

12pcs SBR16UU blocks

3sets BK12/BF12 with locknuts and circlips

3pcs DSG16H nut housing/bracket

3pcs D25-L30-6.35*10mm coupling

2meter Energy chain for cnc machine 17,32€

The total price of the mechanical part 420€ (478 USD)

STEP1: Mechanical part CNC

STEP2: Electronic part CNC

STEP3: Motor tuning

STEP4: Mach3 setup

Step 1: Mechanical Part CNC

Step 2: Electronic Part CNC

Step 3: Motor Tuning

Step 4: Mach 3 Setup

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