CNC Milling With CAM in Fusion 360

Introduction: CNC Milling With CAM in Fusion 360

In this project, I developed 2 types of CAM programs for running the milling simulation for two shapes.

One is the original shape which has a square shape, and another is from the past assignment in a 3D print project which has a round shape.

Step 1: CAM Program for Square Shape

First, I developed a milling simulation with a square shape.

To conduct simulation, we need to proceed with 3 steps which are setup, toolpath, and simulation.

In the setup, we decide the point of the origin and size of the milling object like the figure.

Step 2: Set Up Toolpath for Square Shape

Next, we need to decide toolpath.

In this square shape, there are some horizontal surfaces to the bottom surface.

Therefore, for the toolpath, I selected face toolpath.

We can select the face tool path and select the same layer of the horizontal surfaces in the shape.

For the using brush, I selected #104 which has a small edge for milling, and #132 for finishing.

Step 3: Milling Simulation for Square Shape

Step 4: CAM Program for Round Shape

This round shape needs milling from two sides.

First, I set up for one side.

We decide the size and origin. This meshes so, I put mesh settings in the setup like figure.

Step 5: Create Toolpath for Round Shape

This shape is not like a squared shape which composed of many horizontal surfaces.

Therefore, I used horizontal and parallel to make the tool path.

For the brush, I used #104 for the milling and #132 for the finishing.

Step 6: Flip Another Side and Create Setup and Toolpath

Next, I set up another side.

I created the new setup and change the coordinate system like the figure.

Then like the previous step, I created a toolpath. This time, I used horizontal and ramp for making the toolpath.

As same as the previous step, for the brush, I used #104 for the milling and #132 for the finishing.

Step 7: Milling Simulation for Round Shape

To prevent moving the milling object. I will execute milling bottom side (setup3) first and topside(setup1) next.

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    5 weeks ago

    Really cool how you simulated the process with a 3D object that wasn't flat faces!