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I made this CNC-Probe to mill Logos into Skateboards. The concave of a Skateboard makes a hight differance of about 1,5mm on the bottom Surface. So i decided to make this Probe with my 3D-Printer. On the Pictures you can see it worked:

Step 1: All You Need:

The parts you will need are:

-The CAD files printed in PLA or ABS.

-A DIP switch 6x6x4,2mm

-A little piece of shrinking tube (3mm)

-2 broken drill or mill bits (3,175mm diameter)

-Electric wire

Tools you will need:

-3D Printer or some 3D print service (

-Solder ion

-3mm drill bit

-3,2mm drill bit

The Files ( I added the Fusion360 file, so feel free to modify):

Step 2: How to Assemble:

-Clean out the printed parts.

-Clean out the hole on the upper side with the 3mm drill so you can press the old drill oder mill bit inside.

-The bottom side hole should be drilled with a 3,2mm bit so the old drill or mill bit can move freely inside.

-Secure the the bit with the little piece shrinking tube. Assemble it and than shrink it with the solder ion.

-Solder the wires to the DIP switch.

-Press the DIP switch into the 3D printed housing.

-Close the housing, prevent wires to get bend from the lid.

Step 3: How to Use:

Connect the probe to your System. I'm using a Shapeoko with GRBL(v0.9g) and connected it to Pin A5 and GND. Than you can use the G-Code 38.2 to Probe.

I use Chilipeppr to ( measure out the surface, than send map to workspace and than change the Tool and set Z again to zero at X0, Y0. Than you can start to mill.

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