Introduction: CNC Router Diy (France)

cnc wood gantry milling machine diy x 98.42″ y 48.03″ z 13.38″YouTube

Step 1: Construction

2. simple construction by board assembly (recovery)

Step 2: Assembly 1

3. Assembly of boards by L-shaped corners (recovery)

4. Medium 0.70″ coating

5. mounting angle in L 1.57x1.57″ (recovery)

Step 3: Assembly 2

6. gantry assembly

7.gantry mounting on x 98.42″ axis

Step 4: Assembly 3 Z Axis

8. Soundproofing colonne of the z axis

9. Angle bonding L (z-axis guide)

10. Mounting spindle 28.25‬$ 1500w 220v( in France)

Step 5: Dimmer

11.Disassembly of the drive for the deportee on console

Step 6: Transmission

12. Assembly of quick links on chain

13. Transmission of nema 34 by pinion 40/14 reduction 2,86

14. Adjustment of the perpendicularity of the y-axis with respect to the x-axis

15. Perpendicularity of laxe y in relation to x

Step 7: Electrical Boards

16. cabling machine with an old pc with parallel port (recup)

17.Electrical boards.

Step 8: Machining Projects

18. Machining of children's chairs.

19. Machining child tables.

Step 9:

20. Cutting of the work plan and personalized door.

21. Website under construction

22. Thank you, good manufacturing diy

ps:sorry for the translation.