Introduction: CNC Under Table Headphone Holder

Keep your workspace clutter-free and your headphones in pristine condition using this elegant and simple headphone storage hook. The design is a mix of wood and metal, giving the device a simplistic modern appeal. The files allow for modifications so that you may adapt it to suit your headphones and desk.


4 in x 4 in x .75 in (102 mm x 102 mm x 15 mm) piece of wood

CNC machine

Bolt or nail no bigger than quarter inch (6.5 mm)

Sand Paper

Wood glue, if needed

Step 1: Measure Desk

Measure the thickness of desk tabletop in mm.

Step 2: Select the SVG File

Select the SVG file closest to the measurement from step one, all measurements are in metric.

Step 3: Select Wood to Cut

4 in square and about a half inch or more will work.

In my example I am using 3 quarter inch pieces of scrap plywood glued together.

Step 4: Load SVG Into CAM and Cut

Affix the wood to your waste board and cut. I will use Easel from Inventables for this project given how simple it is. Double check your settings and cut.

Special thanks to Nikodem Bartnik for the Dremel CNC design I found here on Instructables.

Step 5: Clean Up

Sand down any rough spots and see if it fits. You may need to sand it down more to make it fit snug, but don't force it on as it may break at the thinnest part. If there is too much room between the table surface and the hook, add some duct tape to the inside of the clamp to give it a better hold.

In the example, the surface has been sanded down a bit more than preferable, but it still works.

Step 6: Add Bolt to Hold Headphones

Drill a hole mid-way through in the center (about a quarter inch from the bottom of the post). The hole size should be as close as possible to the width of the bolt. You can drill all the way through and add an extra-long bolt to allow a place to store the cord from the headphones if needed.

In the example, the bolt used is a M6 x 50 bolt.

Step 7: Enjoy

Make adjustments as needed.

Thank you

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