Introduction: CNC Mill Project. I Made It at TechShop-Detroit

Its OK to use a sophisticated machinery for simple jobs. The small plastic part sitting on the vise is easy to make with a manual mill but, I needed 36 of them. In a few weeks, I might need 36 more. The Tormach CNC mill at TechShop turned a long, tedious job into a fast, satisfying one. Industrial grade CNC machines are generally thought to be about 40 times more productive than manual machines. Not hard to believe. While this mill was making a part for me (and cutting it free from a long stick of material) I was drilling the holes to screw down the next part. Complete success.

The Tormach is competent, capable machine that is excellent for a person new to computer controlled tools. TechShop insists on a 3 hour training course before you can use it (the instructor was excellent) and the staff is there to help. Find out more at: