Introduction: CO2 Rocket

We are making rockets propelled by CO2 cartridges shot from PVC pipe.On average these go about 100-150ft in air.


You will need the following:

  • One 5ft piece of PVC pipe for launching tube
  • two 1ft pieces of PVC pipe for trigger and rocket
  • two fittings for your rocket
  • One tent spike(or nail your preference)
  • A CO2 cartridge one for each launch
  • One spring
  • A power drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Blowtorch

Step 1: Trigger Mechanism

First get one of your 1 foot pieces of PVC and cut a L Shape in it near the top.Make sure you Spike can fit in the L shape.Next get your one inch wooden dowel and put a nail through it to where it sticks out the top, then put it in the PVC pipe under the L shape next drill a screw(or something else) into the wooden dowel through the l shape.

Step 2: Launching Tube

First get your 5ft piece of PVC pipe.Next Put your fitting on to bottom on the tube to attach trigger

Step 3: Rocket

First get your last piece of 1ft PVC pipe put the fitting with the screwing on the bottom next put your CO2 in the fitting to make sure it fits(if not sand the fitting until the CO2 fits).Next put 2 screws through the PVC pipe right above the CO2 so its stops it.Next take your cap and drill a hole through it so the tip of the CO2 sticks out.Last put a tip on the rocket(i used an old funnnel tip but whatever fits works)

Step 4: Launching

Set your launching tube upright hold it then drop your rocket down and watch it fly

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