CO2meter and Quality Control of the Air Wifi and Lcd Display

Introduction: CO2meter and Quality Control of the Air Wifi and Lcd Display

About: diy student

Use of the module ESP8266 and Nokia LCD 5110

Step 1: PART

A DIY realization of a measuring device co2 pressure temperature humidity

with display lcd and transmission in WiFi

to realize this assembly
it is necessary:

Arduino mini pro 5v or 3.3v : 2.65 $

TGS 4161 CO2 Carbon Dioxide Sensor Module Voltage Probe : 54,79 $

NOKIA 5110 LCD display : 3,58 $

BMP180 Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor :1,51 $

DHT22 AM2302 Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor : 5,35 $

USB Lithium Battery Charger Module Board With Charging And Protection : 1,55 $

500mA DC-DC 1V-5V Converter Step Up Module Power Module : 2,12 $

Olight 3.6v 3200mah Rechargeable Protected 18650 Lithium Battery : 11,49 €$

DIY Battery Box Holder Case For 18650 Rechargeable Battery : 3.19 $

Stripboard Veroboard : 7,31 $

Step 2:

Follow the plan of cabling.

For more piece of information this referer in the tuto various and the plans of Web


Step 3: Sketch

Sketch to arduino nano

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