Introduction: COLORS & SHAPES

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This is a fun Drawing and coloring activity to reinforce COLORS and basic SHAPES.

Step 1: Supplies

choose four groups of 3 colors of pencils. Pick your base color plus 2 analogous colors (one lighter and darker).

* If you don't have colors pencils you can use any medium, crayon, markers or paint. What you want is three shades of the same color.

a pencil

Drawing paper (any size you feel comfortable with will work) I used 8X10

Step 2: Begin Your Drawing

using the regular pencil draw a dot in each corner of the paper. Next connect the dots to form a border. Draw a large X to prepare for 4 sections.

Step 3: Finishing Your Shapes

1. In each section of the X draw a square shape

2. Inside each square draw a circle

3. connect the center of the X with lines to create triangles.

Step 4: Choose Your Colors

Pick one of your groups of colors and choose a section to begin.

Step 5: Begin to Color

I chose to start with my "reds"

first color the triangle with the DARKEST shade, next the square with the MEDIUM shade, finish each section with the LIGHTEST shade in the Circle.

Step 6: Work Your Way Around

Until each area is colored.

Have fun!

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