Introduction: COVID-19 Beard Mask

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I was asked to design a mask that would cover a long beard as the most common masks either don't fit well or won't work at all. There are two options for the mask, either straight or taper look. The construction is the same for either. There is a pocket to hold a filter over just the face part of the mask. This can be modified to fit a longer beard if needed. The beard pocket is about 5" long.

I've included a pattern to make a filter to fit this mask. It is your choice as to what filter material you use. This is the process I used about how to make a filter from a house filter, We couldn’t find a HEPA rated filter so we got a 3M Filtrete 1500 filter from Lowes. I started tearing it apart but sliced my finger on the metal part, so be careful. From a 16” by 30” air filter, I got 6 feet by 30” of filter material. Double check that your filter does not contain fiberglass. Also, 3M doesn’t support the use of this product this way nor has it been testing for preventing COVID-19.

Here is the the pattern that I based this off of,

Note: This is my first Instructable, please be kind with the comments. If something is wrong or needs more explaining, please let me know and I'll get it fixed as soon as I can. I'll also be adding better pictures but wanted to get this out there as timely as possible.


For Mask:

Fabric – Good quality tightly woven cotton is what is being recommended most

Non-woven Interfacing – Either Fusible or not your choice, I used Fusible and light to medium weight

Straps – Ribbon, Woven Tape or made from Fabric will need 4 about 22 inches long

Elastic – 1/4” to 3/8” wide and 6 1/2” long or make another strap about 32 inches long


Sewing Machine



Misc. Sewing supplies

For Nose Wire:

Wire – 20-gauge 7 1/2” long – I used jewelry wire

Needle nose pliers

Wire Cutters

Step 1:

Print the pattern on an 8 1/2" by 11" paper. Once printed check the scale to make sure that it printed correctly. The printed line are the cut lines and the seam allowance is 1/4". You do not need to add a 1/4" to the pattern. Determine which Beard cut you want and follow that cut line. Cut out the pattern using paper scissors, if desired.

Step 2:

Using the provided patterns, cut out the fabric and Interfacing

Step 3:

Apply interfacing to the fabric either by fusing it or basting it to the fabric. This will be on the Outside of the mask and considered the front.

Step 4:

On the Beard Front part:

  1. Trim off 3/4” off the top long edge
  2. On the short straight side, fold in 1/2" of the raw edge and press

Step 5:

On the Beard Back part:

  1. On the short straight side, fold in 1/2" of the raw edge and press
  2. Fold over 1/4" on the long top edge and press
  3. Then fold over 1/2" again and press. This makes a casing.

Step 6:

On all Face pieces:

  1. Fold over 1/4" on the ear side and press
  2. Fold it over again to hide the raw edge and press

Step 7:

On the Beard Front, stitch the short sides to finish the hem

Step 8:

On the Beard Back, stitch the long edge of the casing close to the folded edge. Leave the ends open as this will later hold either elastic or a strap

Step 9:

Sew the Beard Front and Back together along the angled sides and bottom

Step 10:

Clip the corners, turn right side out and mark the center of the Beard Front

Step 11:

On the Face Pieces:

  1. Sew the ear sides that were folded over
  2. Sew the center nose seam to make two pieces
  3. Clip the seam allowance
  4. Press the seam to one side. Make sure they are both pressed the same direction so when they put together the seam allowances will be going different directions

Step 12:

Using the Face Front (the one with the Interfacing attached) line up the Beard Front with the bottom edge starting in the center and working out.

NOTE: you will only be catching the raw edge of the Beard Front. You may need to fold the Beard Back down so you don’t catch it.

Step 13:

Add the Face Lining piece sandwiching the Beard piece in the middle

Step 14:

Then sew that seam.

Step 15:

Open the sandwich part up and roll the Beard part up so that it fits inside the mask.

Step 16:

Align the top edges of the Face Pieces and sew the edge

Step 17:

Clip the top edge seam allowance and the bottom around the chin area.

Step 18:

Turn right side out and press.

Step 19:

From the center nose seam on the top edge, measure 3 1/4" to each side and mark

Step 20:

At one of the marks, sew from the top edge down for 3/8”, turn a right angle and sew along top 3/8” from the edge over the nose to the other mark. Leave one side open to insert a nose wire later.

Step 21:

If using elastic, cut a 6 1/2" long piece.

  1. Insert it into the Beard Back Casing
  2. Sew end of casing close catching elastic to secure it
  3. If not, you’ll need a strap about 36” long

Step 22:

Make Fabric Straps:

  1. Cut two 1 1/2" wide strips the width of the fabric. This will give you a 3/8” wide strap when done
  2. Fold short side in half and press
  3. Open up and fold the edges to the center
  4. Refold down the middle and press
  5. Fold in half long-wise and cut in the center
  6. On newly cut edges
    1. Open up and fold down 3/8”
    2. Refold close
  7. Do for the other strip fabric
  8. Sew the long edges closed
  9. Should have 4 straps about 3/8” by 22”

For Other Straps:

Cut 4 straps 22" long making sure to either cut the ends on an angle or treat with fabric glue so it won't unravel.

Step 23:

Attach straps to the mask at the top and the bottom of the Face Piece. Sewing thru all layers to secure the straps.

Step 24:

Make Nose Wire:

  1. Cut 20-gauge wire 7 1/2" long
  2. Spiral the ends to hide the cut end
  3. The final length should be 6 1/2" long

Step 25:

Insert the Nose Wire in the casing on the nose. If wanted seam the end up. I left it open so it could be removed when washed.

Step 26:

To Make a filter:

  1. Use the filter pattern and cut 2 pieces of filtering material.
  2. Sew the center seam and finger press to one side.
  3. Slide it between the two layers of the mask.