Introduction: COVID-19 Coronavirus Face Shield

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This is a tutorial for a simple adjustable face shield that can be made using basic office supplies.

Safety Clarification

The proposed design can be used temporarily during periods of eye protection shortages in your region. Face shields provide eye protection only, for more information about eye protection for COVID-19 check Center Of Disease Control and Prevention website and World Health Organization protective equipment guidelines.


1. 3D Printed part. 16gr

2. A4 Clear Card

3. Any Elastic band, round or flat.

4. Double-Sided Tape

4. Paper Punch

5. Scissors

Step 1: 3D Printing

First, you need to 3D print the part, it's a small footprint and will fit into most of the 3D printers. We have printed it on our Ultimaker-3, 0.2mm resolution, 20% infill, PLA, 16 gr.

Step 2: The Assembly Process.

For the shield, we used a standard A4 clear card. Make two holes using paper punch at the center of the sheet, no need to be precise at this point. The third hole needs to be at the same distance as the first two holes, to do so place the punch on the existing hole, it will be your guide for the next hole.

Use an elastic band, it can be round or flat. The plastic part has one-way slip holders for the band.

We used a strip of foam for the inner side of the shield for maximum comfort.