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Introduction: COVID-19 Face Shield

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In order to help with the critical shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the corona virus pandemic, we're making hundreds of face shields to give to first responders, nurses and doctors who are on the front lines.

We made a face shield from a piece of polycarbonate and a baseball cap. We geared up to making them by the hundreds but a simple one can be done with only a few tools, an old baseball hat and some plastic.

Here's the video of how to make one

Step 1: Supplies and Tools


- baseball cap

- piece of .03" polycarbonate*

- piece of cardboard or sheet metal to make template (if you're making lots of them)


- tin snips

- utility knife

- sheet metal pliers or an aluminum block with a slot milled in it (for people making lots of them)

- pencil

* If you're making just one, plastic from prepackaged salad greens, soda bottle or laminating pouches can also work

Step 2: Marking the Hat

Cut out the template from sheet metal or cardboard. Then use a pencil to mark the hat in four places

Step 3: Cutting the Hat

Cut slits at the four pencil marks you just drew on the hat

Step 4: Fold Back the Brim

Fold back the brim on the hat using a sheet metal pliers (or anything else like a pliers, vise grips that works). Fold it back until it's at about 90 degrees to the brim. You want to fold about 1/2" or just about the length of the slits

If you have an aluminum block, just put the prim in about half an inch and fold it backwards. After removing the hat from the block, push with your thumbs so the brim is folded back just less than 90 degrees

Step 5: Cutting and Bending the Plastic

We cut our polycarbonate with a CNC router but if you're making just one, a scissors, utility knife or tin snips can work. Cut out the plastic according to the file included. And then cut the two slots near the top of the shield. Bend the plastic which helps hold the shield in the cap. We used a press brake but you can easily fold it by hand

Step 6: Attach the Plastic to the Hat

Start at one side and slip the plastic into one of the side notches. Then pull the plastic tight and slip it into the notch on the other side.

Step 7: Bend Up the Tabs

After you insert the plastic into the hat, bend up the pointy corners with your hands or a pliers to "lock" the shield in place

Step 8: Remove the Plastic Sheet

and your hat is complete

Step 9: Make More and Get the Word Out

You now know how to do it - so find some friends to help make more and get them to all the health professionals who need them

If you know any health professionals who want them, we're distributing them for free. You can contact us at:

or request shields at:

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    Grandma Ruth 2020
    Grandma Ruth 2020

    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    WHAT A GREAT IDEA USING A BASEBALL HAT TO MAKE THE PLASTIC SHIELD !! I do not have the materials/equipment in my house. I have so far ruined 1 baseball hat (my grandson left ) & one of my straw hats trying to improvise the instructions. The plastic I used was from an old notebook page & it was I guess too thin and floppy . and ripped .

    Do you have any suggestions using duck tape (which I have) to attach a new thicker plastic sheet I found -- to my baseball hat brim ??
    Since my grandchildren can't come over to help with this project I would like to make this hat/shield, myself, to wear over the regular cloth virus mask when i go grocery shopping once a week ?? I think the shield would give me additional protection !! Thank you for your assistence (I can't find spellcheck here)

    PS I broke my old printer last week trying to insert a new cartridge so I can't print out the pattern. I am trying to use a piece of tracing paper taped onto my desktop but it is not working out too good yet ...


    Question 2 years ago on Introduction

    how do I get the pattern for baseball cap polycarbonate face shield


    Question 2 years ago on Introduction

    How do you make the downloadable templates the correct size?