Introduction: COVID-19 Realtime Tracker for ESP32

This little tracker will help you to be up to date about the corona virus outbreak and the situation in your country. The display shows alternating the current data of different countries of your choice.

The data is collected by the website

Step 1: Hardware

I've used our AZ-Touch kit for ESP32 as hardware plattform. This kit comes with a 2.4 inch tft touchscreen, which will be used for the data output.

Step 2: Libraries

Install the following libraries through Arduino Library Manager

Adafruit GFX Library

Adafruit ILI9341 Library

You can also download the library also directly as ZIP file and uncompress the folder under yourarduinosketchfolder/libraries/

After installing the libraries, restart the Arduino IDE.

Step 3: Software

You will find the source code on Github:

Wifi settings:

Enter your WiFi SSID & password in the fields in the WiFi section:
#define WIFI_SSID "xxxxxx" // Enter your SSID here

#define WIFI_PASS "xxxxx" // Enter your WiFi password here

Country settings:

You can change/add/delete the countries in the main loop of the program according your interests:

void loop() {
check_country("China"); delay(2000); check_country("Italy"); delay(2000); check_country("Germany"); delay(2000); check_country("Spain"); delay(2000); check_country("Austria"); delay(2000); check_country("Switzerland"); delay(2000); }

Please note: This code is available for the Arduino MKR WiFI 1010 also