Introduction: COVID-19 : Safety Gadgets

In this COVID-19 pandemic, My students trying to design some safety gadgets which are help use to preventing touching things around us and help us to remember to not touch our face. As the germs and viruses can inter human body through touching the objects at a public place and also by touching back to face.

Here I'm providing three gadgets which My students have designed and help you to solve about mentioned problems.

Each gadget is given in each step.

I hope you like it!


You will need:

  • A free Tinkecad account
  • A Web browser such as Chrome
  • 3D printer

Step 1: No Touch Keychain Tool

This Keychain Can Help us to avoid touching to door locks, machine buttons, elevator buttons, etc.

When it comes to things like an ATM or elevator button, door handles, or so many other surfaces with which we likely have to come into regular contact, the microbes might measure more than you’d care to think about, especially during the days of the COVID19 global pandemic.

It is better to use a tool that means no part of your body. Many designs are available in the market for the same keychain but this is a custom one and also cheap to print than buying an expensive one.

You can watch this video to get an idea about how to use it, this is not the exact product video but for reference only: Click Here!

Here is the 3D model of No Touch Keychain Tool:

I hope you like it and make it!

Step 2: Do Not Touch Face Ring

As mentioned before touching your face can risk to transfer of viruses and to prevent this I make this ring. This ring is to remember not to touch your face in this COVID pandemic. It's a simple design. It's of the ring size 10 (19.8mm). if you plan to print it, you can customize for your finger size. I recommend having it on your dominant hand's index finger, as its the finger and hand using which we often touch to our face.

Here is the 3D model of Do Not Touch Face Ring:

I hope you like it and make it!

Step 3: No Touch Tool

This is another no-touch tool. we insert our four fingers into it and use the same as a No Touch Keychain. This is also helpful to lift some heavy bags without touching them, the front pointed tip can be used to push buttons, etc.

Here is the 3D model of No Touch Tool:

I hope you like it and make it!

Thank You!

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