Introduction: COVID Flyer

This is an airplane that can be made using materials you have at home.


To make this airplane you will need Cardboard, paper, a rubber band, a propeller, a small nail, something to cut with, and glue.

Step 1: Airframe

Cut out three .35" x 4" rectangles out of cardboard to use as the body of the airplane.

Step 2: Attaching the Propeller

Take one of the rectangles you cut out and glue it onto the propeller.

Step 3: Body

Glue 1 rectangle on each side of the plane to add more strength to the airplane.

Step 4: Wings

Cut 2 wings out of the paper, then glue them to the body of the airplane.

Step 5: Rubber Band

Glue the nail to the back of the plane and attach the rubber band. The rubber band should be taut for the propeller to spin the best.

Step 6: Ready to Fly

Spin the propeller then let the plane go. If it falls straight to the ground spin the propeller the other direction.