Introduction: COVID Flyer

An easy to make plane using a cardboard body with a propeller and a rubber band for tension.


Cardboard, a cutting utensil, tape, a propeller, a rubber band, and a pencil.

Step 1: Body Pre-planning

The first step is to draw out the body of the plane using the dimensions included in the photo.

Step 2: Cutting Out and Assembling

Once you have drawn the body, wings, and tail of the plane, cut them out of the cardboard, and the cut out the holes for the wings and tail in the body. Once cut out, insert the wings and tail evenly into the body.

Step 3: Propeller

Next, you will need to insert the propeller into the nose of the plane. You will need to make a small incision where the tip of the propeller reaches the body to allow the nose to completely fit inside. This can be reinforced with tape.

Step 4: Rubber Band Part 1

Once the propeller is attached, even insert the rubber band into the propeller's hook so it is split on both sides.

Step 5: Rubber Band Part 2

Lastly with the rubber bands, you will need to fold the ends (I folded mine about an inch and a half on both sides) and tape those towards the back of the plane. Make sure they are tight enough to create tension when you spin the propeller.

Step 6: Completing the Plane

Once all other steps have been completed, the final step will be to create small flaps on the wings close to the body, and elevators on the tail. The flaps will fold down, and the elevators will fold up. Lastly, when flying the plane, make sure that you spin the propeller so it provides air to the wings. You can test this by spinning it and placing your hand in front. If you feel air, spin the other way.