Introduction: COVID19 PR: HAND CONTROL CHAMBER [Make It Visible!]

Hello everyone,

First of all, 'as we know, hear and live;

As coronavirus, otherwise known as Covid-19, continues to spread around the world, health organisations have been urging people to carry out basic protective measures to curb the spread of the deadly disease, including washing their hands.

According to an estimate by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 80% of all infections are transmitted by hands. At this point proper handwashing helps reduce the spread of bacteria, viruses, and other germs.

the main matter;


[ it’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect yourself ]

so how good are we about this?

any idea?! :)

“Handwashing with soap is one of the cheapest, most effective things you can do to protect yourself and others against coronavirus, as well as many other infectious diseases. Yet for billions, even this most basic of steps is simply out of reach.” said Sanjay Wijesekera, UNICEF Director of Programmes.

WHO recommends regularly washing hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap,

Scrub with soapy lather between your fingers, around nail beds, under fingernails, on the backs of your hands, up your wrists, and don’t forget your knuckles, thumbs, and fingertips.

'Proper handwashing with soap, critical in the fight against coronavirus, is ‘out of reach’ for billions.'

I underlined this problem in my project.This product will show the importance of washing hands in the pandemic.

The main purpose of my project is to increase the awareness of people about hand cleaning and hygiene.(bringing this habit into our lives). Because proper washing of the hands is the most effective form of protection for all diseases and viral infections.

We need to know how we fight it to win against this invisible war.

Make it Visible!

Protect Yourself, Protect Everybody!

Let's make this! :)


• Reflective Plexi (Acrylic) Sheet Surface

UVA Blacklight source (Fluorescent Lamp, LED Strip)

• Suitable Adapter for light circuit

Flat PVC Magnifying Sheet x3, a4 size(used as a reading glass lens in the industry)

• UV Blocking Reflective Black Glass Filter

Transparent Selofan Packages(purple, dark blue colour)

• Materials for Assembly (silicon gun,recharged screwdriver,etc.)

• Motion Sensor (optionally)

• Glo Germ Gel (optionally)

Step 1: Make Your Own Chamber! : Decide Dimensions

First of all, let's create a chamber where we will put our hands.We need to determine the form and dimensions for this.As you see I decided on this form to hand chamber according to the size, shape and curve of our hands.After that I determined the technical dimensions of the surface parts. (it's about 33 x 25 cm in sizes,it depends on your own size*)

Step 2: Make Your Own Chamber! : Create Surface Parts

Decide what material you will use. you can use different materials for it if you want,The important thing is that the material is dark and reflective.(because the blacklight is best activated in the dark environment.)

I preferred to use dark plexiglass material for the side and bottom surfaces. Then I sent it to the CNC laser machine to cut the parts of the chamber. Some parts of the rectangular frame in my house I used for the top transparent surface of the chamber. (depending on the dimensions)

Step 3: Make Your Own Chamber! : Piece It Together

Sticking the chamber surfaces with plexiglass adhesives and mount it well from the corner joints. (be careful to solid it)

Step 4: Make Your Own Chamber! : Increase Visibility!

Finally, put the transparent magnifying sheet at the top surface, so we can see the glowing details on our hands more closely.

It's ready for the second part/UVA blacklight effect! :)

Step 5: Make a (UVA) Blacklight Effect! : Do It

In the second part, I tested the light effect with the strip leds in my workshop.(This 24 volt strip led and adapter.) however, this alone was not enough.

Step 6: Make a (UVA) Blacklight Effect! : Do It Better

I had a money detector and I removed the UVA fluorescent lamp inside.It's voltage around 6 watts, so that I wanted to strengthen and support the effect of blacklıght cuz the power of the my lamp was insufficient. I tested cellophane packages on the 24V led until I got good results.

In fact,I tried to evaluate the materials I had. You can find the blacklıght ın dıfferent potentials on electronic shopping store or website. (6W,18W,36W, etc..)

bkz: for the uv fluorescent lamp (to buy)

Step 7: Make a (UVA) Blacklight Effect! : Connect Motion Sensor to Adapter

The next step, connect the motion sensor to adapter. Precise settings, make sure the input and output ends are connected to the right place.For this step, you can get help from someone who knows the connection or from an electrician.

Note; It was my choice to add a motion sensor function for convenience.If you want, you can also connect the circuit directly to the switch. :)

Motion Sensor - How to connect? How it Works?(use to youtube for info)

Step 8: Make a (UVA) Blacklight Effect! : Mount It

Mount the circuit parts to the chamber with a silicone gun and a charged screwdriver.

Step 9: Make a (UVA) Blacklight Effect! : Hide N Check It Well

Make sure that you fix the circuit and cables well.

Stick the dark glass film to the edges of the frame so that the inner circuit is not visible from the transparent surface, (hide the inside, block the mess)


Great job ! =)

İts already done!

Now, its time to use it anywhere you want. (home, workshop, garden..)

I preffered to use it for my workshop area.

Make it visible and destroy the glowing shadows!

(use with Glo germ gel if you want to see the shadows more clearly)*

step by step..

#Wash it! #Rinse it! #Check it! #Destroy it!

Step 11: Thank You.