Introduction: CPR Phone Case Hack

Got Air?
Whether you are in the mountains, at the beach, or in a store, it is important to have a CPR breath barrier with you wherever you. Being American Red Cross CPR / AED Certified, I have always looked for a easy way to carry my breath barrer with me. Now you can easily carry a CPR breath barrier with you wherever you go with this Instructable's hack!

For this super easy lifesaving hack you will need;

1.) Phone
2.) Phone Case
3.) CPR Breath Bag
4.) Scissors (optional)

Step 1:

First fold your bag until it is small and flat.

Next, place the into your phone's case. Make sure the bag isn't coving up the spot where your phone's camera lens or charging port would be.

OPTIONAL; If your bag is to bulky cut off some of the exec edges using a pair of scissors.

Finally, place your phone into it's case.

Shazam! Your finished! Your now ready to rapidly deploy a CPR Breath Barrier whenever oxygen is required by simply taking your phone out of it's case and reveling your bag!

Feel free to leave comments questions and pictures!

Now get out there and save some lives! Be safe and God bless.

Please note: I am not responsible for any accidents or calamities brought about by you or the victim through this Instrucatable. CPR is to be only used by certified people.

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