Introduction: CPU Replace Guide

To replace the CPU you will need to flip the computer on it's back.


Philips head screwdriver and a Flathead screwdriver.

Step 1: Battery

The next step is to remove the battery from the back of the computer by pulling the lock switch to the right and sliding out the battery. You can put the battery to the side for now.

Step 2: Back Panel

The next step i to unscrew ALLthe screws in the back panel excluding the screw for the RAM (see next step.) MAKE SURE NOT TO LOSE ANY SCREWS!

Step 3: RAM

If you need to take out RAM for replacement you only need to unscrew this section on the back panel.

Step 4: Keyboard

Now you can flip the laptop over and unscrew all the screws to the keyboard. Gently pull out the strap connecting the keyboard to the motherboard. You can place the keyboard away until later.

Step 5: Screen Panel Pt.1

The next step is to unplug the strap running along the top of the motherboard. You will also need to unscrew the end of the cord. After this you will also unplug he power cord in the right side pocket and the two connectors connecting the screen to the motherboard. Next you will need to unscrew the two screw connecting the screen panel to the main board. (On the very right and left of the screen panel.)

Step 6: Screen Panel Pt.2

Now you can remove the panel from the board and place it next to you.

Step 7: Replacing CPU

Now you will need to unscrew the CPU cover shown above. After this the CPU will need to be unlocked from its socket; you can do this by using a flat head screwdriver to turn it the lock until it reaches the unlocked lock symbol. Now you can take out the CPU out and place the new one in. Lock the socket by turning the flat head lock until it reaches the locked lock symbol and then screw back the CPU cover.

Step 8: Connecting Screen Panel

Next step is o plug the power cord from the screen panel back into the motherboard and connect the black an white connectors to the motherboard. You can now close the metallic cover for the motherboard and snap the plastic case back around the board.

Step 9: Top of Board

Now you can run the screen panel cords into the valley at the top of the board. Screw in the green panel you took out earlier so the motherboard is secure. Place the keyboard into its space but don't screw it in yet.

Step 10: Screen Panel

Screw the screen panel back into the board.

Step 11: Keyboard Placement

Now you connect the strap from the back of the keyboard to the port in the motherboard, then you can screw the keyboard into the board.

Step 12: Final Look at Keyboard

Keyboard should be fully screwed into he board and fitted properly into the slot.

Step 13: DVD Drive

Place DVD drive back into the slot.

Step 14: RAM Panel

(If replaced RAM) screw in the back panel.

Step 15: Back Panel

Screw all the screws you unscrewed in the first step.

Step 16: Screen Panel Cord Protectors

Lay the screen at a 180% angle and snap the covers into place so the cords do not get damaged.

Step 17: Battery FINAL

Snap battery pack into its slot. Now your all set to urn on the laptop and continue working.